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Systems Migration/Rehosting

Organizations that are dependent on critical system applications that are running on proprietary or aging mainframes have legitimate concerns about migrating or rehosting to another technology environment. Modernization, open technology, upgrades, cost reduction, consolidation, and improved performance are just some of the drivers for migration. A proven partner is required to help minimize the bumps along the migration journey.

For organizations that need to rehost their system, E2 Solutions has the experience, processes, and software tools to help with the transition and achieve the business goals. From applications developed in COBOL to database applications, we focus on the technical architecture, software, data, interoperability, parallel production, testing, and user aspects of the migration to various target environment architecture such as .NET, J2EE, UNIX, or LINUX.

Our systems migration/rehosting services include:

  • Migration/rehosting plan and strategy development
  • Project schedule development and management
  • System assessment and sizing
  • Prototype development
  • Modification of application source code
  • Data conversion and cleansing
  • Deployment
  • System testing
  • Back-up operations
  • Risk management and continuity planning